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Whole of Life Continuation Cover

Ensures a definitive payout no matter when your death occurs!

Whole of Life Cover

What is Whole of Life Continuation Cover?

Unlike other policy covers, that payout only if the death occurs in the specific term; the whole of life continuation cover ensures to pay the pledged lump sum amount to your family even if death occurs after the term of the cover has ended and you no longer pay the premium of the policy.

Clear Out Loans

Outstanding debt could induce stress in your loved ones. The debt collectors may not show mercy to collect the money you were supposed to repay them from your loved ones. Having a lump sum amount that you left for them would assist in clearing off the debt which could be mortgage or loans.

Pay Funeral Expenses 

Give your loved ones time to show grief with their full heart by making sure that they do not have to worry about paying the cost of your funeral. The policy payout would ensure that your funeral cost is paid. 

Family’s Financial Cushion

Upon your loss, your dependents would experience the void of your income. They may have to change their lifestyle given the financial impact of your death. The lump-sum amount that the cover would pay your dependents would help them cover the ongoing expenses. 

Why You Need
Whole of Life Continuation Cover?

It is a unique policy that actually pays for itself in most instances! Contact us today for a quote tailored to your circumstances. You need the whole of Life Continuation Cover to ensure that your family gets the financial support at the time of your death even if the term of the policy has ended. It would bestow peace of mind that your dependants are financially safe. 

Whole Life Insurance

Our Commitment

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Super Fast Approval

Super Fast Approval

97% Payout Rate

97% Payout Rate

What Our Customers Love About Us

Sarah Bolger

So easy. Every other place made it difficult. I just wanted to know how much cover I needed, not what I could be sold on. A big thanks to Michael for taking the time to understand what I really looking for and for sorting out my life cover without any hassle.

Anthony Devlin

The process is so simple. I completed the calculator on my laptop and had a policy before the end of the day. I already told people at my office about it.

Chris Dempsey

From start to finish, the team in Platinum Life made the whole application process seamless, easy, and very intuitive. I travel a good amount for work and have a busy life so not having to schedule and deal with medical examinations and to have immediate coverage through a highly rated company is the best.

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