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Serious Illness Cover

Insurance policy dedicated to your precious health!

Serious Illness Cover

What is Serious Illness Cover?

This is cover that pays you out a tax free lump sum if you are diagnosed with at one of up 91 specified serious illnesses, including things like Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke or MS. At a very difficult time it gives you funds that you can use to replace lost income, pay for treatment or cover the many, many additional costs that patients incur while going through treatment. If done right it means that you have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on getting yourself the very best treatment and best recovery. It is normally a cover that is added on to you your life policy. We call it a living benefit, as it is cover designed to help you when you are still alive and to try and help keep you that way!

Why You Need
Serious Illness Cover?

There is a 25% chance that you will be diagnosed with serious illness before age of 65! This is a traumatic event that has health, emotional, mental and financial consequences. Having serious illness cover can alleviate so much of this when the worst happens and give you money that you can use to get the best treatment and give you the best chance of survival. It can also be used to replace income when you are unable to work.

The financial implication of any serious illness could be devastating to you and your family and even your business partners. It would have a considerable strain on the ongoing expenses, the outstanding debt and even the ongoing medical treatment. Not if you have a serious illness cover in place for exactly the time like these.

Serious Illness Cover Ireland

Our Commitment

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Super Fast Approval

Super Fast Approval

97% Payout Rate

97% Payout Rate

What Our Customers Love About Us

Sarah Bolger

So easy. Every other place made it difficult. I just wanted to know how much cover I needed, not what I could be sold on. A big thanks to Michael for taking the time to understand what I really looking for and for sorting out my life cover without any hassle.

Anthony Devlin

The process is so simple. I completed the calculator on my laptop and had a policy before the end of the day. I already told people at my office about it.

Chris Dempsey

From start to finish, the team in Platinum Life made the whole application process seamless, easy, and very intuitive. I travel a good amount for work and have a busy life so not having to schedule and deal with medical examinations and to have immediate coverage through a highly rated company is the best.

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