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Multi-Claim Protection Cover

A strong financial safety net against the potential impact of medical treatment or illness.

Multi Claim Protection Cover

What is Multi-Claim Protection Cover?

An insurance that is designed to suit the modern medical advancement and your treatments requirement of severe diseases including cancer.

Relieve You from the Burden of Exhausting Your Earnings

With the feasibility to claim a certain amount of the pledged money at every time, it allows you to use your hard-earned money to a considerable amount without having to compromise or impact the treatment of the illness.

Tax Free

The percentage of the full cover amount you get as a part of the policy claim every time is tax-free!

Multiple Claims to Deal with Illness effectively

Even if there are chances of the redevelopment of the illness or bad impact of the treatment, do not stress over it. You have the rest of the policy cover still behind for the expenses to treat the illness.

Why You Need
Multi-Claim Protection Cover?

It has put an end to the ideology of the classic insurance policies that enables payout only once. This insurance cover aims at providing financial support for the impact of illness and progression of the medical treatments.

Its potential to payout multiple times until the policyholder has used up a total of the insurance cover allows you to get effective treatment of illness along with providing a financial cushion against the health setbacks on your lifestyle and finances.  

Claim Protection Insurance

Our Commitment

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Super Fast Approval

Super Fast Approval

97% Payout Rate

97% Payout Rate

What Our Customers Love About Us

Sarah Bolger

So easy. Every other place made it difficult. I just wanted to know how much cover I needed, not what I could be sold on. A big thanks to Michael for taking the time to understand what I really looking for and for sorting out my life cover without any hassle.

Anthony Devlin

The process is so simple. I completed the calculator on my laptop and had a policy before the end of the day. I already told people at my office about it.

Chris Dempsey

From start to finish, the team in Platinum Life made the whole application process seamless, easy, and very intuitive. I travel a good amount for work and have a busy life so not having to schedule and deal with medical examinations and to have immediate coverage through a highly rated company is the best.

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