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About Us

Our mission is to make life insurance easy for Irish people. We’re taking the best aspects of face-to-face advice and augmenting it with best-in-class technology.

Platinum life about us

Our Story

Platinum Life was established by its founder and Managing Director, David Devine, from his home office in 2013, with the goal to make professional advice and financial solutions available to everyone.

Since it’s conception, the company has gone from strength to strength; opening its first office in 2014 to then relocating to a more spacious, 2,000 Sq Ft office in 2018, to accommodate its growing team of financial specialists.

Our motto is ‘straight talking advice’ and we live by that. No jargon, no fuss, no stress. We’re passionate about getting customers the right cover at the best price.

Nearly 10 years later, our focus hasn’t changed.

With technology when you want it and people when you need them, step-by-step we’re taking apart the old infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology and a better client experience

What You Can Expect From Us

Emotional Support & Advance Payments

Emotional Support & Advance Payments

The death of a loved one or a diagnosis of a serious illness can be a traumatic and emotional time for most people. That’s why all plans provide you with access to your own dedicated nurse adviser who can help you and your family cope with the devastating effects of an illness or bereavement. Additionally, for claims which are accepted, but may delayed due to probate, you can receive an advance payment of up to €10,000 to cover funeral costs of the deceased.

 Terminal Illness Cover

Terminal Illness Cover

Our policy includes terminal illness cover at no extra cost. This means, if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live, you’ll receive an early pay-out from your life insurance policy, to help relieve any financial stress during such a difficult time.

 Free Child Cover Benefits

Free Child Cover Benefits

All life cover plans provide free child cover between €4,000 and €7,000 and all illness cover plans includes free child cover up to €25,000 per child. All of your children from their birth or adoption until their 21st birthday or (25th birthday if in full-time education), depending on the plan.

 Policy In Trust

Policy In Trust

Trusts can make it quicker and easier for your family or friends to receive a pay-out against your cover if you die during the policy term. That’s why we give you the opportunity to place your life insurance policy in trust.

Informed Loved Ones

Informed Loved Ones

You can select which loved ones you would like your plan details emailed to with a simple instruction form. This puts you in control of who you would like to send the details too and keeps those details in one convenient place should your loved one ever need to make a claim.

Life Events Benefit Increase

Life Events Benefit Increase

This ‘guaranteed insurability’ benefit provides you the option to increase your level of Cover without providing further medical evidence at various life events such as increasing your mortgage, getting married or on the birth or adoption of a child.

Life Insurance Expert

How Do I Make a Claim?

We know that making a claim can be a distressing thought, especially during a trying time. That’s why we take every step possible to make the process as simple, stress-free and quick as possible.

the original death certificate or an officially certified copy
proof of age of the person covered by the policy (for example your original/ certified copy birth certificate)
proof of any change of name of the person covered by the policy (for example the original/certified copy of your marriage certificate if you changed your name when you got married or if you changed your name by deed poll)
evidence of their entitlement to the benefit amount (for example a will and grant of probate or letters of administration)
in some circumstances, we may reasonably require some medical evidence
If you have been diagnosed with a terminal or specified serious illness that meets our definition and want to make a claim, please contact us directly. We’ll explain what you need to give us so that we can pay your claim as quickly as possible.

What Our Customers Love About Us

Sarah Bolger

So easy. Every other place made it difficult. I just wanted to know how much cover I needed, not what I could be sold on. A big thanks to Michael for taking the time to understand what I really looking for and for sorting out my life cover without any hassle.

Anthony Devlin

The process is so simple. I completed the calculator on my laptop and had a policy before the end of the day. I already told people at my office about it.

Chris Dempsey

From start to finish, the team in Platinum Life made the whole application process seamless, easy, and very intuitive. I travel a good amount for work and have a busy life so not having to schedule and deal with medical examinations and to have immediate coverage through a highly rated company is the best.